About Karina

Author, Where The Truth Lies

“With a family like mine, there’s no shortage of inspiration: wharfies, truckies, bookies and political players,” Karina says. “Add divided families and secret children to the mix and, well, there’s a lot of experience and emotion to draw from.

“I always wanted to be a story-teller, from a very early age, not just a writer.

During business hours Karina is a finance journalist (Byline Karina Barrymore) and has covered almost every major financial event and scandal since the 1987 global share market crash — which was her first front page story, just weeks after graduating as a journalist. She has a passion for consumer rights and social justice and is a strong financial rights advocate.

Although she is a debut novelist, Karina has had more than 3 million words published in articles for papers, magazines and news websites around the world – equivalent to more than 30 novels! She has also written three financial investment books.

Karina was honoured to be included in the inaugural publication of Who’s Who of Australian Women for her contribution to journalism.

Karina says she was “lucky” to mainly grow up in the North Island of New Zealand – Middle Earth. However, she is Ngai Tahu iwi of the South Island. Although she dropped out of high school, she later studied business and journalism at New Zealand's Massey University.

Karina lives on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land in Melbourne's inner-city suburb of Richmond.