Where The Truth Lies

Where The Truth Lies draws on Karina’s childhood memories of being taken to the wharves – “a weekend treat, to watch the huge ships and eat fish & chips out of old newspapers”. The newsroom setting in the novel comes from her experience as a career journalist. The main character, Chrissie is a voice that Karina says she hears very strongly – a woman in a man’s world.

Chrissie O’Brian, journalist, lands at Australia’s oldest newspaper, The Argus. She is desperate for a fresh start as she attempts to escape a shocking past. Parachuted into a senior job she struggles to fit into a newsroom battling staff cuts and resentment. She immediately finds herself under siege from the paper’s grizzled news editor.

Chrissie soon realises she has botched a story which sets her on a path to undo her mistake and investigate the real cause of a wharfie’s death.

The investigation becomes tangled in corporate politics: the wrestling between unions and big business and the changing world of the traditional media.

Tough and cynical, Chrissie is determined to reveal the full story of others while desperately trying to keep her own background secret. At the end of long days trying to find answers she is haunted by even bigger questions and longer nights. Alone in her flat, a hidden clock keeps a secret count.

Where The Truth Lies is a story of suspense and resilience, set amid the lies and suspicions between the corporate world and a blue collar workforce and the frantic buzz of a major city newsroom.


Shortlisted, coming soon

Karina Kilmore's debut novel Where The Truth Lies will be published by Simon & Schuster in March 2020.

Where The Truth Lies was one of three stories shortlisted for the Unpublished Manuscript Award at the 2017 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards.